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Kingdom hearts 3 should be on ps2/ps3


Ok, i think its bs that the creator of KH is makeing the game for psp. Trust me. I really love the games. But making it move to psp? why? To boost sales? ERRRG. I really want to play it. I just spent $500 on a ps3 and now i have to buy a psp? Any one else feel my pain?
Ok, i know its a spin off but i basically call it kh3.

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  1. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be about Sora, Riku, and Kairi on Destiny Islands when they recieved the message from King Mickey. It will probably be on Playstation 3, and it probably won’t be released for another 2 or 3 years, the development may or may not have started since they are working on the 3 new games

    3 New Games coming out:

    -Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep for PSP which is about the characters from the Kingdom Hearts 2 secret ending and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ (Ven, Aqua, Terra, Master Xehanort, etc.) It is a prequal to KH actually 10 years before KH1. The gameplay with be like CoM with the deck system but instead of cards it will be commands. Being released next year in Japan so hopefully soon after that in America. [url is not allowed].

    -Kingdom Hearts:358/2 Days for DS which is about Organization 13 when Roxas joins. All members of the organization are playable, there is also a 14th member who is female, and IS NOT NAMINE. This game takes place from Roxas’ birth, (in KH1), his time in the Organisation, the events of CoM, and when he leaves to find more about himself and his true self, and then when he gets taken to Twilight Town. This game will also have a multiplayer mode where you can be any of the organization characters. Being released this summer in JAPAN, so hopefully outside Japan at the end of this year. [url is not allowed].

    -Kingdom Hearts:Coded for cell phones which is about a mysterious message that appears in Jiminy’s Journal which he does not recall, he goes to King Mickey but only replies with “Only he is the one who can solve it.” A different gameplay which is a puzzle and action/RPG. Release date unknown, they’re trying to make it be able to be played on as many cell phones as possible but it probably won’t be released outside of Japan

    Also, they are not positive on when they are coming out places other than Japan, probably in the next year or so and hopefully soon after the Japan release, after they finish Final Fantasy 13, and verses 13, Normua said he was going to center his work around the Kingdom Hearts series. These three new KH games coming out happened either during or before Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, they are not a continuation of KH2. They are also known as side games. [url is not allowed].

    [[go to http://www.kingdomhearts3.net and http://www.khinsider.com]]

    I Hope That Helped


  2. The Kingdom Hearts game on the PSP, isn’t KH3. It’s a spinoff called “Birth By Sleep”. There are also spinoffs coming for the DS & mobile phones.

    I’d expect KH 3 to honest hit either the PS3 (obvious), 360 (Square-Enix has a new sort of alliance with them, FF13 is coming there.), and thw Wii (Biggest audience).

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