Its lag on my ps3 to my tv! HELP!?

Its lag on my ps3 to my tv! HELP!?


I play Modern Warfare 2 on PS3.

I play in SD (576i) with AV/SCART Cables.

I play in SD because i got a Dazzle DVC 100, to record my gameplay, and dazzle cant record in hd.

My tv is: Thomson 32″ LCD HD Ready.

Hope you can help

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  1. do you have the PS3 hooked directly to the tv? if not thats your problem. i had mine going through a box (you plug everything into the box then the box goes into the tv so that when you want to switch you just press a button instead of unplugging and plugging everything in) and it created a lag. i didnt know why but finally i just plugged straight into my tv and now it works perfectly.

    – hope i helped

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