It’s about my PS3.?

It’s about my PS3.?


I bought a TV Episode and a movie from the PSN Store, but it says I have to activate a ps3 system to view the content. So I go to system activation, and activate the video part, and it said, “This PS3 system could not be activated”, and that I had one PS3 system activated fo my account, and I had to deactivate the other one. But my other PS3 broke and I traded it in for a new one. So how do I deactivate the other?

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  1. You can email Sony by contacting them on the PlayStation website. Ask them if you can have your old system deactivated and they should be able to get that done for you.

  2. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. Mine broke and i bought a new one and wanted to download a video but it said I had to deactivate my old one first in order to watch it. Let me know if you figure out how to do it PLEASE, you can email me at [email is not allowed]

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