Is pulling off the power supply to shut a Xbox one off...

Is pulling off the power supply to shut a Xbox one off damaging to the hardware?


So my friend is very impatient and doesn’t like to wait for the Xbox one to shut off because the Xbox one takes couple seconds to shut off, or press the power for 5 seconds to shut off. So my friend shuts off his outlet, which is the same as unplugging the power supply to shut it off. I am a very tech savy person and feel as that is damaging to the hardware. But I’m not sure it actually is damaging. Is it?


  1. Not a good idea. He will ruin the hard drive. After he gives the command to shut down he doesn’t have to wait until it actually shuts down. Just shut it down and walk away.

  2. If you unplug the power supply it can cause overheating and damage the HDD. The xbox runs the fan until it is cool enough to turn off and then shuts down.

  3. It’s tougher on the hard drive. You’re more likely to corrupt save files than damage hardware.

  4. Not a good thing to do. This will eventually harm the hard drive and possibly the game saves.

    Once or twice on a rare occasion is unlikely to be harmful – after all power can get cut off suddenly on occasion (such as in a power cut or something). But just pulling the plug as a regular switch off method is very unwise.

    Your friend must be extremely impatient! It really takes very little time to switch off a console.

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