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Is it true theres no tax when you buy a PSN card? ESCALATION MAPS!?


i live in Canada any good places i can buy it?

did u ever buy one? how much? im buying the 20$ one.

how much will the Escalation Maps cost even though we have PS PLUS?


  1. No Tax. its like you are paying 20 bucks but you get it back on a card. like transferring it to a card idk? but in america we have gamestop,rite aid, walgreens, cvs, 7-11, some gas stations that sell psn cards i dont live in canada but do they have those stores there?

  2. No only in us can check Walmart or best buy or GameSpot at Canada for a better answer but no don’t get charged

  3. When buying a PSN or gift card you will not pay tax on it. If its a $20 card it will cost you $20.

    However the map pack will have tax on. A $14.99 map pack will have whatever tax for your state added on. PSN+ may save you a few bucks, but it will still be over $10.

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