Installing xbox game, will it run better?

Installing xbox game, will it run better?


So i let my brother borrow my Skyrim disc, and now it has a small crack from the ceter of it. It still runs, but it freezes alot when it is loading, and lags a bit, but still plays. If i install the game into the xbox will it fix that up? i have an xbox slim, and almost no data left, so i’d have to go out and buy an external harddrive, otherwise i would give it a whirl and test it. so any advice would be awesome, thanks.

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  1. Okay iv been playing xbox forever and to help youin two words AHEM * Yeah Okay I suggest you something to benefit yourself get another skyrim install it give it back to who ever then play the messed up one and it should work I did that with blackops(horrible other than zombies)and it worked perfect

  2. It would help, however the feature is to be used before you scratch or crack the disk, so when it does you have the damaged data saved to your hard drive that can then be retrieved. I’m not sure getting a new external hard drive is worth it for the minimal performance increase, however if your are going to use it for other purpose then it’s worth a shot, good luck 😀

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