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Infamous 2 How To Get All Powers


Infamous 2 How To Get All Powers


  1. I have a question do you make two files one for good then one for bad or do you make one file restart and do let's say like a bad one

  2. Please someone help me, i really need to know! IM SO CONFUSED! i have both powers on evil karma but i want them on good karma what exactly am i supposed to do?

  3. i know how it works. when u completed the story on good karma or bad the second playthrough should be the opposite karma when you have completed the second playthrough the game will tell you congruatulations you have completed infamous 2 again all powers have now been unlock. and look at the powers store you will unlocked all powers no matter which karma it is. and the game will give you 15,000 xp.

  4. Please explain to me one time friend, and forgive me if you see some faults in my English.

    Well the point, my first full game with the heroic karma and bad karma in the second (or first bad and then hero) and assume that in the second game after the credits I will have all the powers or I will make a third starting with any karma but I will have all powers? Explain to me please I'm confused :C

  5. so, I playthrough good then evil, all the way through, all good choices and evil, then on my 3RD playthrough, I get all powers?????

  6. so if i beat it as a good guy, save it one a file, then do that with bad karma on a different file i can start a new game with both?

  7. So I have to play evil firest and unlock all the powers for evil then play good and unlock all the powers? if yes please make a video about unlocking powers by demonstration pls

  8. okay so all I have to do is play 2 times den when im choosing fire or ice I choose ice then at the ending choose evil ending?

  9. OK, tell me whether or not im right, I m on my way done with good karmic story, but at the same time I hav another file that is evil. So once I finish the good side with every thing good, ery gud power unlocked, I finish my evil file wit all evil powers unlocked n den go bac to my good file n I will hav both evil n gud powers?

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