im a hard core gamer is the ps3 for all ages?

im a hard core gamer is the ps3 for all ages?


i just bought a ps3 for me and my bro is the ps3 for all ages hes 18 im 25 when i get off to work i love to play games. Also view movies on netflix is it for all ages.

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  1. The PS3 is a great console for any age, Sony tries their hardest to try to get a wide variety of game types to the console, if you like shooters, RPGs, Action/Adventure, trivia, music, and tyoe of game the PS3 is the console to get. And now Sony is getting more and more partners, so they have more exclusives than Xbox 360 now.

  2. Yes, the PS3 is a family console, it’s for all ages. Though it’s mostly teens and younger adults that use it.

  3. What do you mean for all ages.theres not age limit to play video games. For Netflix to create an account yes you have to be 18 i believe.but there is suitable games for all ages

  4. The average age of a gamer is actually 35, surprising huh? The PS3 is the ideal hardcore gaming system for all ages. So you fit fine in the demographic. PCs may be powerful, by they also cost a lot more and you’re always forced to upgrade to stay on the bleeding edge. The simplicity of consoles will remain and continues to remain a huge draw for gamers worldwide.

  5. There are games kids can play especially if they like Star Wars. I think there are three games with Star Wars.

  6. no no no you have to be 18 to play, yes it for all ages, my brother is 6 and he plays and how are you a HardCore Gamer and soon video game wont matter

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