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IGN Reviews – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Review


IGN Reviews - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Review


  1. i just got around to playing this and its a good game, really really great. My only complaints are:(and one isnt even really a complaint…) 1) The game is a lot longer than i thought it would be, what i was assuming was the boss of the game turned out not to be and there were a couple more hours left of the story, but this is only a complaint as i was really addicted to the game binge playing it (wasting time ha) 2) the loss of saves via corruption, this has been reported by a number of people, and it happneded to me. you can fix the problem and start where you last saved but it was kinda a hassle

  2. just finished it. a lil disappointing though. had to force me to keep playing it. after all a little repetitive.

  3. There is game stabiliy problems game stability problem game stability problems. There are also framerate issues framerate issues framerate issues

  4. just finished it. hmmmm it was ok but a lil dissapointed though. i guess i xpected too much. in the end it got very boring. think i m gonna skip mankind divided.

  5. One of the most unique and fun games in recent memory.

    My only gripe is that you're heavily encouraged to play in a stealthy/non-lethal fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the stealth; Splinter Cell is one of my favorite franchises. However you're always rewarded with more EXP for non-lethal takedowns, making the lethal option unfavorable.

    It's a shame because there are a ton of badass lethal takedowns that I never use.

  6. This game and review came out in Aug…Mankind Divided comes out in Aug
    "Anyone else want a piece of this pie?" – Adam Jensen

  7. I remember finishing this game back in 2011 and just sitting there thinking, "wow, this game just blew my mind".

  8. I'm trying to decide between this and Assasins Creed III for my Wii U. Can you guys give me your opinion? (I of course understand that both games are completely different).

  9. Odd review. He kind of shits on the game for most of the review, then it gets a 9/10 heh.

  10. my brother bought this game when it was a week old but got stuck inside the xbox when it got the red ring of death and we eventually forgot about it even though we never got to play it lol

  11. lol @ this reviewer "playing videogames makes me feel like a badass" -quote from ign reviewer hiding in cave

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