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I need help to find a Xbox 360 RPG?


I am looking for an RPG for Xbox 360. I want a game with a free multiplayer feature. I want the game to be like Phantasy Star Universe online (if you have played it). Post any games you think I would like and tell me a little about them and if they have a free multiplayer.


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  1. sorry, but there are NO free multiplayer games on xbox live, ( because you have to pay for the internet service, and you have to pay for a xbox live subscription.

    if you MEAN you want a game that doesn’t make you pay EXTRA ( above your internet service, and xbox live subscription ) most games already do this!

  2. If you like shooters you want to try out Borderlands it doesnt have multiplayer a mode but the co op is really great.There is a lot of variety of weapons and the gameplay is just great. You will definately would want to play the campain all over once its finish!

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