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I need help so that I can play MW2 online with Xbox Live.?


To start off I will point out that my NAT is open.

When I go to multiplayer I will get the pregame lobby where it searches for games, but this will stay up for up to 10 minutes until it finds a game. This seems ridiculous as I could join with minutes on WaW.

However when I do join, I have no lag problems or anything it’s great.

Also, when I’m in a party with friends, we can join a server very quickly and I again have no lag and it’s great. But occasionally I don’t join immediately and I get redirected to a page where a box says “Waiting for Leader”.

Finally, if I join one of my friends sessions I can play with no problems at all.

It gets very annoying having this problem though, can anybody help me identify what it is? Is it a bad disk, bad internet (i don’t think so), missing game update or patch? Should I contact IW for help, or microsoft, should I exchange my game for another?


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  1. its not the game but i do know there was an update released the day MW2 came out but it was for people with mods. i would have to say its your internet because its the only thing that would cause that. it depends on how fast is your internet speed is.

  2. The guy above prolly has never played MW2!

    Yes this problem is happening to all of us its not your internet and its not your disc. i

    ts the servers on their side. they are having intermittent problems with the service but when it runs,

    It runs good. The only advice i could give you is after getting in a game. STAY THERE!

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