I need help from Boy or girl. Playstation 3 or X box...

I need help from Boy or girl. Playstation 3 or X box 360? Pros and cons. plz?


i needa know if i should buy an x box or ps3? plz tell me why i should get what u say i should get.

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  1. PS3. Trust me. I have it and people who i kno that have the 360 and then they played the PS3 and loved it.

  2. well.

    The PS3 has caused quite a stirring over the past 2 years: from a general excitement to astonishment to disappointment. How did this happen? Let’s look at what Sony did right, and what they did wrong, and every shades of gray in between.


    1. Cell- 8 cores, 7 active, 1 for redundancy. Why is this good? This is excellent for the consumers. It solves a lot of defects, reducing complaints and defective systems. Sony learned something from their PS2 fiasco. But aside from its ability to warrant from damage, the Cell processor is a dedicated processor especially designed for gaming. How? Because of its 7 core architecture, Cell allows developers to designate each core to a specific task. This allow multitasking at its peak. What does this mean to games? More sparks, more people, more physics, better AI, more particles, more of everything at the same time on the same HD TV. The Cell processor undoubted sets the PS3 a bar ahead of all other consoles.

    2. Blue-Ray Disk- 52 gig of space to use. No matter how you look at it, bigger space is better. More room for developers to fill. Better graphics, sounds, physics, AI, longer games, more modes, more maps, everything. A $1000 value, now yours for only $600. Play movies at high definition, games at high def. BR is very important to gaming. With a new leap in generation, came a new leap in media. Sony had always shown this: PS-CD, PS2-DVD, PS3-BD. This technology removes the limit that developers get when making a game.

    3. Sony- This may not be a pro (probably a shade of gray). But Sony has established itself in the industry. Leading the gaming industry, Sony has been regarded as an elite manufacturer. Consumers trust Sony, especially

    Playstation. The fanbase of this title causes great support, which will drive BD, lowering the cost of production, which is good for consumers.

    4. Games- Why do gamers buy consoles? For the games, of course. PS3 is backwards compatible to all previous Playstation/PS2 titles. Great games such as FF, MGS, DMC, KZ, Soccom, Assassin’s Creed, Heavenly Sword, etc are all Playstation exclusives and will probably stay that way. With such attractive games, Playstation 3 has a great chance of delivering in the third round.

    5. 3rd party support- PS3 has an extensive amount of 3rd party supporters from all over the world. It is the most supported system out of the three consoles. This probably means, more games, more innovations, etc. More developments will create a better understanding of the PS3, thus allowing better utilization and better optimization.

    6. Controller- (shade of gray) Ok, I know you are probably saying, “Sony is a thief, they stole the controller from Nintendo.” And I agree. However, it doesn’t change the fact that motion sensor is a good thing. Combined with standard and extremely comfortable control scheme with R2 and L2 buttons enlarged to form trigger-like buttons, the controller offers both innovation and comfort. But a lack of rumble seriously dampens the entire situation. Undoubtedly, a 3rd party controller will arise to fill the rumble along with the motion sensor. But just like the Wiimote, the DualSensor? controller allows a lot of innovative games and creativity in the PS3 game lineup.

    7. Playstation Network- (shade of gray) Sony can seriously screw this up. Even though they are copying Live, it doesn’t change the fact that unified and free *for now* online gaming is an excellent idea, just like copying the Wiimote. I’ll reiterate: FREE ONLINE GAMING. There.however, this is Sony’s first time doing this, so it might be a piece of junk compared to Live. But judging from screenshots, it doesn’t look that bad. By the way, it looks just like the PSP OS thing which is kinda cool.

    8. Hard Drives- With the PS3, hard drives are now STANDARD. This means that developers will be able to use the hard drives to drive gameplay or to speed up and reduce load time. This allows a lot of flexibility for games. It can be used for downloads, game saves, music saves, etc. I am

    personally really excited about this.

    9. 1080p- True HD. Although games probably wont reach this resolution in the next few years, eventually, games will use it, and it will be big. It will be one of the points that leads PS3 ahead of its competitions. Grand Turismo demo at E3 2006 showed that the PS3 is capable of running a game at 1080p at 60 frames per second. If developers can do it now, wait till 4 years from now.

    10. Web Browsing- Just like the PSP. This is probably an obvious step, considering that the PS3 allows usb plug-ins for keyboard and mouse. The PS3 will be like a mini-computer. The web browsing feature will be useful. I would love to sit on my couch, turn on my 32″ HD TV, and check my email. How cool is that!. A small advantage, but it is pretty cool.

    11. PSP- The PS3 can connect to the PSP to enhence gameplay. So far, all we’ve seen is the F1 demo where the PSP was used as a mirror for the car, but this

  3. 360 pros:cheaper, halo3, Gears of war2

    360 cons: RROD

    ps3 pros: littlebigplanet, infamous, killzone 2, SLIGHTLY better graphics

    ps3 cons:EXPENSIVE, big if that matters, internet connection lags alot

    personally i like the 360 more

  4. Well that depends on what you are looking for and used to if you are used top playstation or xbox controls you may want to stick with what you have used the most and like better also you need look into if you are going to be watching movies on an HD tv with the unit if so PS3 has bluray player built in but if your main concern is games that you have avaiable then Xbox360 has many more good game titles that are exclusive to Xbox360 but xbox 360 also has many many design flaws that cause them to break such as the RROD so I personally like the PS3 better but it is all what you are looking for in the long run but I think PS3 is better in my professional opinion as a video game repair technician


    I RECENTLY HAD A 360 then it broke

    the cd thingy broke and i had the 3 red ring like 5 times and it heats up a room so

    i am going to get a ps3 so should u and get a gta game orr mirrors edge i got it today the game

    i got the game before i got the system cuz i wast money on stupid * and i bougjt the game
    GET DA PS3!11

  6. Of the two I prefer the 360.

    It’s got a fairly large pool of games and costs considerably less than the more streamlined PS3. The extra money you’d pay for the PS3 will have diminishing value as the list of PS3 exclusive games grows thinner. Most PS3 games are also available on the 360.

    From what I can tell the net play on both systems is relatively equal, though I believe a majority of users are playing on 360.

    The PS3 does have Blu-Ray compatibility, so if you’re looking for a Blu-Ray player, the PS3 does have an advantage over the 360. For solely gaming, however, the 360 is the way to go.

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