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i am having hd troubles with my ps3?


i have tried the ps3 website and it didnt help. i have a big mitsubishi hd tv and when i put my hdmi cable into the tv and ps3 it says it has found new hdmi device would you like to use it and i click yes and the screen just goes black and then i have to reset the thing by holding down the button for 30 sec. so if anyone knows what to do i would appreciate the help thanks.

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  1. Make sure the cable is firmly connected to the PS3 and the TV.

    Make sure the HDMI ports are free of dust and debris. Clean if necessary with a dry cloth or blow out the debris.

    Make sure there are no “extreme bends” in the cable. Try stretching it out a little bit and ensure there are no “extreme bends” when connected to the two devices.

    Allow 30 seconds for the PS3 and the TV to “agree” with each other on the HD video transmission. Its not always gonna be as quick as a finger snap.

    If possible, try using a different TV or HDMI port to help determine if the cable is faulty.

    Make sure you are on the proper HDMI channel or video input for the particular port.

    If necessary, with the PS3 off, hold the power button on the console for 5-6 seconds; wait for the second beep. This resets the display settings. Then go through the HDMI process again.

  2. different tv’s are going to have different hd outputs such as 1080i,1080p, and so on. find out what your tv is and set it accordingly. I believe you power it down then when you power it up keep your finger on the power button to set it to 480i which is the lowest it can go then work from there.

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