How to SHARE GAMES & XBOX Live GOLD on 2 Xbox One...

How to SHARE GAMES & XBOX Live GOLD on 2 Xbox One Consoles


Hi, this video shows you how you can set up 2 Xbox One consoles so you can share games and also share Xbox Live Gold so you only have to pay for one subscription. Both Xbox consoles can play online at the same time and also play the same game as long as it is downloaded onto the hard drive, you cannot play disc games on both Xbox consoles at the same time. This will definitely save you money especially if you have 2 children/friends etc. that want to both play the same game as you don’t have to pay for it twice.
Many thanks Vince

How to SHARE GAMES & XBOX Live GOLD on 2 Xbox One Consoles


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU HELPED ME SOOO MUCH, I'm a visual learner so this demonstrated easily how to do it, now it all makes sense, it was taking hours!

  2. Hi,does anyone want to game share,i have GTA5,forza horizon 3,bf1,bo3,bo2,ghost recon wildlands and outlast2 and other games i only need fifa 17 or EA acces and any good games if you are intrested reply to this comment and leave your gamer tag or message me on xbox my GT:VividCalf767143 (this account is just to chat)or kik me at : cri17001

  3. I have;
    Fallout 4 (dlc)
    Outlast and Whistleblower
    BF 4 (dlcs)
    Far cry 4
    Minecraft (dlcs)
    Wolfenstein old blood
    Saints row Gat out of hell
    and very much more one and 360 games
    Only i want:bo 3 or rainbow six siege

  4. I have COD WWII preordered NBA 2k18 Preordered
    Destiny 2 Preordered
    The Surge Preordered
    Marvel vs. capcom infinite preordered
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 preordered
    Tekken 7 Preordered
    Gta 5
    Infinite Warfare
    all the gears of war games battlefield 1
    NBA 2k15 NBA 2k16
    batman arkham knight
    call of duty ghosts
    Ryse son of rome
    rainbow six siege
    madden 17
    titanfall 2
    tekken 6
    GTA 4
    resident evil 2 and 7
    Star Wars the force unleashed 2
    all the walking dead games bully and more. YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON KIK OR XBOX MY KIK IS: 93hotboyy AND MY GAMERTAG IS: SwatnetLulz

  5. Yes they can be in another country i did this with my good friend and he lives in Dubai i live in the U.S.

  6. anyone wanna gameshare me, i got gta v, iw digital deluxe, mwr, bo2, bo1, bo3, advanced warfare, fifa 17, cod ghost, and many more, all im looking for is the division, add me on xbox if youre interessted, gamertag is: Mocrokaan

  7. who wants to gameshare i got:
    WW2 pre-orderd
    Infinite Warfare
    Bo2-all dlcs
    Drift 3
    UFC 2
    Fifa 17
    Trackmania Turbo
    NBA LIVE 16
    Battlefield 4
    RainbowSix Vegas 11
    NBA 2K17
    Titanfall 2
    Battlefield 1
    Fallout 3
    The division
    Rise Of the Tomb Raider
    Burnout paradise
    AC revelations

    games that i want:
    Forza Horizon 3
    Outlast 2
    Dead rising 4
    MW Remastered
    Just Cause 3
    Ghost Recon Wild Lands
    dying light

    if you got one of those games contact me!

    message me on insta @d1haji_juventud

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, I pretty much get what needs to be done however what I want to do is slightly different I think…… The original xb1 with my live account is actually my sons xbox, Ive just bought a xb1s which I was going to use for myself rather than give him :) should I just start both from scratch?

  9. I got
    -Fifa 17/16
    -ufc 1/2
    -battlefield 1
    -gta v
    -rocket League
    -assasins creed Black Flag/ unity
    -star wars battlefront

    I want anything realy just message me, instagram 'ryaxt' xbox 'InFiNiTy YANAN'

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