How to set up Xbox Kinect? (is this room big enough? video)?

How to set up Xbox Kinect? (is this room big enough? video)?


I just got kinect and I want to know how to set up the furniture, lighting, and tv and everything else for it. Any tips to improve it?

Here is a video of the room see all of it: [url is not allowed]

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  1. Yes it looks big enough. The room looks kinda dark in the video that could be a problem. Also make sure the sensor is 2-6 feet from the floor facing you directly. You can measure the space you have it needs 6 feet for 1 person and 8 for 2. You cant have 3 or more at a time but in some games you can take turns with up to 4 people.

  2. I m glad you got Kinect you need Dance Central it will really teach u how to dance better lol =o)) I first would purchase a corner shelf and place it about 6 feet you can find them for under 10 dollars at home depot or lowes and cut a small whole in the back corner to run the cable. if you can move the couch you might get more room, but I think you should be fine with the corner shelf to place the sensor to increase your space.

  3. Well yeah if you can play with 4 players on the wii in there it should be no prob playin kinect in there =P

  4. Well, I can’t see much of the amount of floor space you have, but it doesn’t look like enough. You need at least 6 feet between you and the Kinect sensor or it will stop and try to fix itself every few minutes which interrupts the game. It looks like the area is narrow and wide. You may want to move your TV over so that it and Kinect are at the end by the window so you can be further back from them.

  5. It looks big enough, was your tv in the corner? Try setting up kinect ID and it makes you pose in different places in your room, if you can can make your avatar stand in all of the blocks you have a perfect amount of space, if not try to move your sofa or maby even your TV. it looks like you have more room then i do and i can just play kinect single player with some minor space problems. Really though, the best set up you can have for kinect is give yourself as much space as possible, less is required of you are going to be playing solo (including online with a friend)

  6. put the lights lighter or turn off the lights while playing , the tv must be okay and check the catalogue for the kinnect setup simple

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