How to keep my PS3 from overheating.?

How to keep my PS3 from overheating.?


I just got my 60gb ps3 today in the mail. I’ve been playing it and it works great. I’m not sure if it sounds right or where i should postion it so if anyone has the 60gb, if they could let me know if this is normal.

1.The fans or something inside is making a moderatley loud noise. It sounds like the fan, and it isn’t really distracting or anything, but it just seems maybe a little loud compared to other gameing systems I’ve heard like the Wii, Xbox 360 and my PS2. so I’m not sure if i should be worried.

2.Is it supposed to get warm after just a half an hour of playing it?

3.And I have it on a shelf under my tv, with about 3 to 6 inches of space on each side and it gets kinda dusty down there. Is that an okay place to have it to keep it from overheating. anything special i can do to make sure it doesnt?


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  1. 1. Well, the console is about 3 years old (I assume you got it used). My homeboy’s 60 GB fan is loud as hell, but he never cleans the dust off of it either. No, the PS3 does not run peacefully 24/7. Location of the console can play a role, which I will get to.

    2. Its a $500 mini super computer that consumes more power than any other PS3 model. I wouldn’t exactly expect it to feel like snow, know what I mean?

    3. Its best to not put the PS3 in any sort of enclosed space. It doesn’t really matter that much if you meet the minimum space requirements. The cramped environment can still bounce hot air exiting the PS3 back to it, which will make the console hotter, which makes the fan louder since it needs to run at higher speeds to maintain optimal internal temperature. The PS3 heavily relies on surrounding air to keep cool (and the cooler it is, the quieter the fan is), so its best to put your PS3 in open space. Give your vents several feet of space, not inches.

    Dust is not good. Ever. Its arguably the #1 killer of the PS3. If you see it, get rid of it. Vacuum it away or wipe it away.

  2. it happened to me once and i took it to the shop and the guy said is there anything behind the fan and i said yeah and he said know wonder and he also told me to not to put anything behind the ps3 fan realy close otherwise it is blocking it just like us if someone blocks our nose and mouth were dead same with ps3 it breaths with its fan

    hope i helped

  3. hmm im pretty sure its not overheating.and if you mean WARM not HOT or REALLY WARM after half an hour then i guess thats moderate.

  4. If it’s the older bodied bigger version.which 60gb ones I think are.then as far as I know they shouldn’t have a problem with overheating. However the air intake is the part on the front near the bottom, all other vents are for blowing air out, so if you could get a fan or something to blow into the front that would be ideal. However It’s doubtful that you’d even need to. I have an 80gb old style one and it is loud sometimes, but not all the time.

  5. The noise is probably nothing to worry about, however I don’t know how well of a spot that is for a PS3 or any other system for that matter.

    They need space to breath and especially if it gets real dusty down there you might run into problems with it overheating.

    I would try and keep it out in the open more and definitely up off of any carpet.

    Then again it is a PS3 so. you shouldn’t be too concerned. its not a 360 lol.

  6. put it where it will ge the most air yes it will attract dust no matter where its at & get a fan blowing on it U should b fine if u have the ps3 with the fan in ther other case like the ps3 without 1 it will have problems like the old ps2 slim did

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