How do i put cfw on my psp that has factory firmware...

How do i put cfw on my psp that has factory firmware 1.50 (its a 1000 jpn white model)?


I have a white model 1000 psp, and it is running firmware 1.50 (its a brand new phatty =] ) can anyone tell me how to put cfw on my psp, i’ve seen guides on how to go from 3.xx – to the latest cfw 5.xx, but i dont even know how to start. If anyone is willing to send me a link to a great guide or even tell me on here, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

So like i said before, my psp is still in its factory firmware 1.50 form, i dont know where to start. I want to be able to play emulators =]

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  1. just download the firmware from internet and it always comes with a read me document and it shows u wat to do.

  2. [url is not allowed]

    Here this a detailed and freindly guide on how to put cfw on ps3


  3. oooooh how lucky for you. you can already play homebrew games. all you have to do i go to youtube and type in latest custom fimware. But you really dont need to just DO NOT NETWORK UPDATE! if you want emulators you will need custom firmware. However if you want free games all you have to do is download them from you have to register. you dont have to pay anything.

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