how do i get my xbox live to work?

how do i get my xbox live to work?


i need help i dont know how to connect my internet to my xbox and plus my avatar wont show i try to edit it but it tells me that i have to download something from xbox live please help me solve both of my problems please

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  1. Plug an ethernet cable into the back of the console or use wireless. You only have part of the update and the avatar support has not been installed.

    Try following the official update steps and you should get your avatar back properly.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. im sorry but i cant help with the avatar thing. the same thing is up with mine. but to get live you need to have a wireless adapter (about $50-70), plug into xbox, go to settings and click “search for network” then type your wifi password. then just go to set up live account.

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