Help PS3 Upgrade.?

Help PS3 Upgrade.?


Ok i want to know if i upgrade my ps3 40GB hard drive to 80+ will i be able to play ps2 games or do i need to get a new ps3 all together

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  1. No it will not work, so if your desperate for PS2 compatibility you will need to buy a new. However rumours have started curculating again that Sony will, bring emulation compatibility to PS3 due to them patenting emotion engine (the chipset PS2 used) emulation for the PS3 very recently.Heres a link to the article: [url is not allowed]

    However Sony had stated about a year ago I think they would not bring emulation back to PS3’s for PS2. however they also denied the PSP GO! so we can not be 100% sure. If sony did release it in a firmware update it would be the 3.0 firmware update which is expected to ship before the end of this year. So you can pray for the best and wait 6 months to see, or just buy a backward compatible PS3. Hope I helped!

  2. No. PS2 compatibility isn’t on the hard drive.

    If you really want PS2 compatibility right now, you’ll have to buy a PS2 compatible model. Be aware, though, there are some strong rumors that a firmware update might bring some PS2 compatibility for all PS3s down the road. Might be worth waiting a few months, I dunno.

  3. its not how big your hdd is that defines wheter you can play ps2 games or not. its whether your ps3 has an ‘Emotion Chip’. thats the reason for the massive price reduction, because it was removed.

  4. Backwards compatibility has nothing to do with the hard drive. Upgrading will make no difference.

    Sony have stopped making backwards compatible PS3’s, they have however acquired the patent for some emulation software, which may mean either that we will soon get PS2 games to download from PSN, or even, *maybe,* that all PS3’s will become backwards compatible:) :)

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