GT SPORT REVIEW Part #1 – Tuning & Layouts

GT SPORT [PS4] REVIEW Part #1 – Tuning & Layouts


GT SPORT [PS4] REVIEW Part #1 - Tuning & Layouts


  1. will we be able to make those super crazy builds like we could on gt6??? (like everything from difs to huge amount of power)

  2. Watching this on mute while playing the Gran Turismo 4 menu music. NOSTALGIA haha. That's all I want for this game is amazing menu music.

  3. I cant wait for Gran Turismo Sport to come out Ive loved every Gran Turismo since the first 1

  4. GT4 was the high point for this series, it's been downhill ever since then. When the full game eventually drops will it even have a 'career' mode or is it online only? I don't know why but I just have a bad feeling about this game, why GT Sport and not Gran Turismo 7 for instance? is this just a really cut back limited game with nothing like the features of a full GT title? will there eventually be a full Gran Turismo 7?

  5. fellas gran turismo stopped in 4
    they made it just like nfs
    only nfsu2 was worth the money

  6. GTSport should've just been modern racing cars, I feel. Since they're going for the 'eSport racing' thing, it would've made vastly more sense to just give players cars built to real racing regs and just let us tune them in the same way the real cars would be. With the 140 or so car list, that's enough room for basically every model in every major racing category.

    Think about it. Karting, Formula 4, Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula E, LMP2, LMP1, GT3, DTM, V8 Supercars, Super GT, NASCAR, WTCC, ETRC. And whatever car slots left over could go to choice classic F1, sports prototypes, and touring car models.

  7. but I want to know if it's good or like asseto corsa and project cars those games were so fucking bad.

  8. No fucking way. They finally got Porsche's license. This plus decent graphics and sound are the only reason ill get this tbh. Thought it was clickbait at first lol.

  9. 1:151:40 is Exactly my thoughts about Gt Sport..Unfortunately that seems to be enought for Kazunori. There's absolutely nothing in it otherwise graphics.At least Gt5/6 had some decent car collecting, but GT Sport does seem like just visual pornography. The concept itself is very hollow and it's actually based on Gt6's quick races.

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