good xbox 360 games to play with girlfriend?

good xbox 360 games to play with girlfriend?


My girlfriend and I want to play some xbox 360 games together but we have no ideas what kind of games we can play. We both have xbox live so i would like to get a game to play multiplayer online with her. We like games like borderlands that we can both play together with nobody else. Not looking for games like halo or call of duty since those don’t appeal to her. sport games are even good since she likes madden. Kinect games also would be great but we would like games that dont use the kinect.

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  1. A really good game is Fable 3. It’s a RPG game with lots of sword fighting. You can play together on xbox LIVE or you could play in the same room with 2 controllers.

    The best thing is, it will only be you two playing. Nobody else.

    If you want to learn more about the game or have any questions feel free to send me a message : )

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