Good Article on Call of Duty Black Ops

Good Article on Call of Duty Black Ops


Who loves Call of Duty? I know I do.

Call of Duty Black Ops is not only real with fiction, its just AMAZING. The graphics, the gameplay, its an all around great game to buy/share and this is a good article on Call of Duty Black Ops.

In this Call of Duty it has a few different tricks and gadgets plus some throwbacks like zombies, scoped crossbows, remote control cars that detonate in someones face, a controlled attack helicopter and best of all ZOMBIES. What gets better then that? Probably the fact that it takes place in 1968 during the Cold War, you control troops and try to stop the Russians from succeeding in world domination. There’s just so much more in this game then most others.

The game-play is pretty much like the other Call of Duty’s except in this one its running, jumping, crouching, proneing, driving and flying are much more detailed and just all around sicker. The Campaign gets really into the main character Mason who awakes strapped down to a chair and getting zapped to pretty much remember what happened in his past for an answer for the people on the other side of the window, I won’t ruin it for you so I’ll end the campaign segment there.

There is money involved which makes the multiplayer adventure through levels interesting. Like always there are zooming lethals, crazy tacticals, intelligent equipment, hot Perks, killer Kill-streaks and incredible guns plus now you can give your character face paints for every class, add camouflage to your primary guns and choose what kind of reflex sight colors and rectile you want which will all cost some money but is worth it in the end.

Instead of prestiging at level 70 in multiplayer like in Modern Warfare 2 you prestige at level 50 and instead of there being 10 prestige’s there are now 15. For those who don’t know what prestiging is, it is when you advance so far in multiplayer that you can choose to prestige and when you do it it will have pros and cons. The pros are that you get a cool symbol and each time you prestige the symbol is different then the last and you also get more options for challenges. The cons are that you start all over with pretty much everything besides your stats.

Zombies are the main reason I play Call of Duty sometimes. In Call of Duty Black Ops you will find that the zombie maps are pretty insane and hard to get far sometimes but don’t give up. There are 3 maps you get with this game like Kino Der Toten, *Five* and Dead Ops arcade plus you can buy other previous maps from Call of Duty: World at War which are Nacht Der Untoten, Verr├╝ckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese also buy the first strike map pack and you will get more multiplayer maps plus Ascension which is pretty gnarley.

By Gregory. If your into shooting games or even if your not, Call of Duty Black Ops will have you interested and on your toes through out the game. To get this game for Xbox 360 click the following link [url not allowed] or this game pre owned for PS3 click the following link [url not allowed]

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