GameSpot Classic – Battlefield Bad Company Review (PS3, Xbox 360)

GameSpot Classic – Battlefield Bad Company Review (PS3, Xbox 360)


GameSpot Classic - Battlefield Bad Company Review (PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. DICE should of stuck with this type of single player, vehicle's, big sandbox like map's and make everything destructible.

  2. Had this for over 5 years! Loved it when I was 10 and recently I play this more than Bf4 on the ps4! This game has open world maps unlike bf3 and 4. Badass sound and kickass graphics for it's time.

  3. I dont know bout u guys but im feeling a bad co 3 WWII game. Im tired of this modern shit ..Bring out the Shermans and the Stens DICE

  4. Battlefield: Bad Company had an original story for the campaign. Fuck the war, forget the rules, get the gold. It was funny as hell and the dialogue was filled with humor. The gameplay was fast paste and even though the environments were repetitive, the ability of destruction made up for it. The audio design was outstanding, than again, it is what DICE does best and the graphics still look good to this day. Battlefield: Bad Company is a great time waiting to be had.

  5. The single player in this game is FARRR better than it has any right to be based on DICE's previous history up to this game.

    Its unfortunate that it was ruined in 2 and BF3 :/

  6. yeah I agree, I like how instead of some super-secret SF forecs, it's just a bunch of guys who want to get some gold

  7. If you plan to start out with a Bad Company game for the multiplayer, get the second one. The campaign is better in the first one but the multiplayer is better in the second one and Battlefield exists for multiplayer. Bad Company 2's multiplayer is the funnest Battlefield (and FPS) game i have EVER played! Not too many people play it though so yes, you will find matches but not all of them will be full. In its high time the game was so freaking amazing!

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