F1 2014 Game Review – Should You Buy It?

F1 2014 Game Review – Should You Buy It?


F1 2014 Game Review - Should You Buy It?


  1. After playing 3 seasons in carreer mode im kinda done with f1 2013, so im happy with new cars and circuits

  2. Im playing F1 2014 on a PS3 and Im getting like 20-30fps, when I look at videos of F1 2014 on PS3 it runs at 60fps or more. Help!

  3. till 2013 game f1 was great whit real sound. now 2014,15,16 suck sound like a trash game

  4. I know this is quite an old review but I find some of the criticism you give is unfair or just wrong. You complain about not having control over the ERS, but that's how it is in real life with the new V6 hybrids: the drivers have no control over it. The car itself deploys it depending on how the ECU is programmed. Another thing you complain about is the effect of DRS being reduced. Drag is #1 affected by downforce. The 2013 cars have a huge amount more downforce than the 2014, so it makes sense that slipstreaming will have a much lower effect as a reason. The whistle noise from the engines? That's how they are in real life.

  5. Am I the only one (using keyboard) who finds the car HEAVY AF in the corners after playing F1 2013 and then this

  6. hey …I dont understand one thing about this….when ever im going to the pitstop ..they are not refueling the car they are only changing the tires….can any 1 help me out as to how should i refuel da car..??pls help

  7. Could you do a video on a single player race game you really would recommend. I'm sure there's a lot of us that are looking for one, and frankly all the F1 games seem to be not that good in the racing.

  8. This was literally the worst game Codemasters made. The handling is terrible, the AI are slow as fuck, it's very difficult to drive with no TC, tyrewear is scripted, it feels absolutely horrible in wet conditions, the online is full of glitches, graphics aren't that great and the racing itself is really boring. Very disappointing game.

  9. good vid man, i love f1 and im getting it over 15, cuz its bettet i hear, and its cheaper n im a tight wad, i got project cars n love it, but i gotsta have a f1 game, but great vid dude!!!

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