EA SPORTS MMA: Advanced Standup Tips and Tricks

EA SPORTS MMA: Advanced Standup Tips and Tricks


EA SPORTS MMA: Advanced Standup Tips and Tricks


  1. fucking horrible game. these grappling cunts just constantly grab you like queers and have 10000000x more stamina than you. I want to fight not hug people ffs

  2. I am not a game developer or producer, but i have an wishlist that i think would be the best for the game. The controls of the game should be an mix of the THQ's UFC ground controls with the EA MMA's striking controls (analog stick striking). I thought that the striking was superior on EA MMA compared to UFC, but on the other hand UFC had a better grappling system. But anyway i don't think EA UFC 4 will be a disappointment. :)

  3. Yeah the ground game was a little to simple but the reason why was because of the engine that EA Tribune used, this is EA Canada thats about to develop the UFC game not EA Tribune who Developed EA MMA so the ground game might be better then EA MMA but tell me, how would you if you were a developer make the ground game more technical in the game along with using the Analog stick for striking? I'm just trying to get an idea because i'm curious myself about how they could do that.

  4. Well that doesn't sound bad, but i hope they improve the ground game mechanics a little instead of JUST clicking the "X" (PS3) button to transition and the "O" to deny/block/reverse and "Δ" to stand up again or leave the clinch. It's too simple and easy. I have played EA MMA for 4 days now and i own the CPU on Legend difficulty easily without problems on the ground every time. You get the picture? It should be more challenging and complicated, that's when the game becomes fun to play, i think.

  5. Nope it won't be non of that because EA Canada is about to develop the game the actual creaters of games such as FNR4, FNC, SSX, NBA, and a few other titles. The EA UFC game will be just like Fight Night Champion with MMA mechanics.

  6. Yeah exactly. Grappling is much better in UFC but striking, EA looks to have had striking down for years now.

  7. The boxing movement and the animations in general are 200 times better than UFC. in UFC it's WAY to robotic movements, the knockout animations are ridiculously fake looking:P The grappling tho was better in UFC, the controls i mean, joystick movements to transition. The ground aspect in UFC truly showed who was the best "grappler" rather than only pressing "X" (PS3) to transition and "O" to deny a transition. I really hope UFC 4 will be UFC 3 controls with EA MMA graphics or Fight Night. WOW 😛

  8. Easily. I never picked it up but Ive watched playthru's, so much deeper than UFC. Gets me excited for the next EA MMA

  9. Damn i bought it now a few days ago, i thought they were fixing bugs and all that crap. dammmn,, the online looked so cool on youtube. Belt ranking. Sadly i will never play it online, fuck! lol .. I have played ufc a while and i wanted to try MMA online. The career mode thou was better than the ufc career mode.

  10. Thats what he just said… Yes they shut the servers down because the game has been out forever.

  11. This game has better Realism when it comes to grappling, clinching and standup. I own UFC Udisputed 3 and its still a good game. But EA MMA just is a little better

  12. @TheCrimsondragoon honestly, i'm not a huge mma fan. i don't follow it regularly, but i know about it, i've seen plenty of fights n all, and i've played both UFC 2010 and MMA. however I only own one of those games, and that's the one you see in this video. UFC's game was fun and i loved playing it, at first. then it got repetitive, clunky, and arcadeish. so when i went to purchase an mma game months later, i found videos of this game, decided on it, and haven't looked back. my story. it's great.

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