EA Sports Active review

EA Sports Active review


EA Sports Active review


  1. It would take more efford so it should burn more.

    there is no option of telling the wii this tho

  2. @miltbottleboy
    with a high resistance band, wouldn't that burn more calories? If so, How does the wii calculate that?

  3. Good idea. Or just buy one of higher resistance in a sports/fitness store (I've heard some say their bands were very weak and even snapped…)

  4. squatting with short shorts on? Hell, we need videos of that in action…for reference material.

  5. You can buy higher resistance band for this just search "Dyna band "

    Game is fun from what I have played

  6. Wii fit never made me feel like you were realy fitnessing.. this one looks like you're realy working out! great review!

  7. dude, you commented 1st, that makes u a stupid fuck, why post 1st? to show the world that you posted 1st on a video…wow what an achivment, im sure you parents are proud, seriosly, youtube hates 1st posters

  8. first
    and also , fuck you gamesweasel, and anyone who gives me a thumbs down is a shit muncher

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