E3 2005 – Complete Microsoft Press Conference

E3 2005 – Complete Microsoft Press Conference


E3 2005 - Complete Microsoft Press Conference

Xbox 360 Launch Zero Hour


  1. Still surprised they haven't found a way for Xbox one and PS4 open world games to have actually open world. Yes it's great. But not there yet. You know how you free roam? And if you drive around the whole place you're back where you were again. I'm so surprised you can't just keep on going like in real life. Sure there's maps that take you to other places in some free roaming games. But why can't you keep on driving to that place? Why do you have to have a map teleport you there just to get there? You can't drive to the place that's 1 hour in a video game and get there. Because you'll be In the same loop to where you started if you keep free roaming the place. Does anyone here get what I'm trying to say? Like keep on driving to different places Instead of teleporting

  2. I loved xbox360 but thank God they handled the red ring of death correctly… I had to send my console back to Microsoft FOUR (4!) times!!! And finally by my 5th xbox360 the problem was resolved. Peter Moore once said in an interview that the whole debacle cost 1.15 billion dollars. But they had to do it to save the Xbox brand. Most of that money went toward FedExing consoles back and forth.

    In any case, these days I'm a diehard Sony PlayStation fan! Mainly because of the exclusive games that Microsoft simply cannot compete with. Not even close

  3. I remember seeing Ghost Recon 3 and showing all my friends how crazy the new graphics were. It's funny to look at launch titles, which were basically more detailed Xbox titles and then see what they were accomplishing on the system towards the end of it's life; like Bioshock Infinite.

  4. i wonder what that microsoft lady would say if it had the rrod when she said and its on

  5. i wonder how many 10 year olds are saying shit like: what thr frick thats not a exbox tree 60!!!!!!

  6. :( my fourth phat red ringed last week. Only one left is a slim. Every phat will die soon or later, sadly

  7. Was the voice actor for Marcus not hired yet. Because they had some other guys voice for him.

  8. It's too bad the first 360's had the Red Ring of Death.  It's what kept me from buying a 360 all this time.  I'm thinking of getting either a 360 or PS3 now that they are cheaper.  Which one do you think is best?  Since the Red Ring of Death is dealt with I'm curious what the 360 has to offer.

  9. This was 3 days before the 360 launch? Wonder if they will do it before the one launch

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