Dragonball Xenoverse PS3 Review:Very Late LOL

Dragonball Xenoverse PS3 Review:Very Late LOL


Dragonball Xenoverse PS3 Review:Very Late LOL


  1. That intro was hilarious. In a good way. Quite informative. Thanks! And is that the girl from Tenchi Muyo on one of your splash images?

  2. Brahhhh what do you think about the new dragonball series coming out "Dragonball Super" this summer in July. I'd say make a quick video but there aren't enough details about the show to discuss. Which makes it that much better we all will be able to relive watching a series for the first time and not know what to expect!

  3. My bro got this for Xbox one like about month ago by now I think and it looks fun. Haven't gotten to trying it out much since I've been busy with other things but I guess it convinces me how good it is for my bro to want to get that season pass lol

  4. I have a question, when you upgrade your ki blast supers does it also upgrade your ultimate's?

  5. Best DBZ fighter since Shin Budokai-Another Road.

    Knew it would be good the moment I heard Dimps was involved since In addition to Shin Budokai & Burst Limit, they had also done Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers a few years ago which was a great game. Didn't think Xenoverse would be this awesome though so I'm grateful. Still playing the game now while waiting for the rest of the DLC to come out since I bought the season pass when the game came out.

    I own it on PS3 myself and will buy again after I get a PS4 at the end of the year so I'll be owning both versions of this, Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul (newest fighter also from Dimps) & J-Stars Victory Vs. + so Bandai's getting a lot of my money this year. Now to wait for a US release of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

  6. This game seem awesome. I don't have a ps3. I wish I did though I got a Nintendo ds and my bro got a Sega. Unfortunately I'm not into games like I used to be when I was little. Thanks for that advice you gave me I got some followers on my Facebook page. Lol also what is your fav DBZ arc. Mine is when trunks comes from the future and warns Goku about the androids.

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