Defective Xbox One Controller (and Microsoft doesn’t care)

Defective Xbox One Controller (and Microsoft doesn’t care)


Oh the moment of joy of receiving that shiny, black box. Yes, I was freezing, tired, physically exhausted, by my spirits were high. I finally received my Day One Edition of the Xbox One.

I carefully removed each plastic wrapped component from the box and laid everything carefully out in my living room. I finally took the wrapping off the new controller and held it in my hands for the first time…. Only problem was that my day one edition controller felt like it was going to fall apart- it literally creaked. It was like something wasn’t screwed down properly… I was sad. But I pushed forward and started playing Ryse (comon’ don’t judge). Then a big guy with this huge axe comes charging at me and I hurry to press B to dodge out of the way, then the B button sticks and I can’t stab him in the side, after which he nails me with that axe thing.

Anyways, awful quality defective day one controller. Microsoft would not advance RMA me one. They would advance RMA me an entire system (after charging me 0 on my debit card). They said I could take the controller out of the system and mail the whole thing back…. I live in Balitmore… I don’t really trust the mail getting places safely. I didn’t want to take a 0 risk just to get a damn replacement controller.

So Microsoft customer support came up with a great idea (after putting me on hold talking with the powers that be)- I should take my controller back to gamestop! Hooray all problems solved. Yea…. I got a new controller that’s OK now… it’s not a day one edition so I’m sad… MS customer service called me back to see how their “solution” went… told him Gamestop replaced controller and I asked for a download code or something to ease my pain. Guy put me on hold and said sorry no.

Anyways, anyone else having any defective Xbox One controller issues? I’d be curious to know if I was the only one. Anyways, I thought Microsoft should man up and advance RMA a new Day One controller (they’re the only one’s who have them).

Defective Xbox One Controller (and Microsoft doesn't care)


  1. I have always had no problem with exchanges! I'll sell you mine for the price of the pro controller which I love. I have the year one that has little mileage on it. I didn't really care about the year one thing I just wanted Xbox asap. When they release the 2tb , 8tera flop box with the new AMD combo chip. This console will go to bedroom and become a video box.

  2. I can remember the day I bought the Xbox one back in Nov 15, 2014 thinking oh what a wonderful day!! Nevertheless for two weeks I went through 25 controllers, yes 25 within two weeks. Sometimes I'd have to return four or five controllers back the same day to Gamestop, Target, Bestbuy just to name a few. Tried various locations within 30 min just to see if a controller might be different but it was still all the same result with the left analog stick breaking within minutes of playing any sports game. All the stores denied something was wrong with it until I showed someone in the store from a new controller how faulty it was. After breaking two analog sticks within just a couple minutes the employee at the GameStop was just baffled. Don't call or message microst Xbox help either as they deny anything wrong with the controller, and are from the phillippines and speak very bad broken English via over the phone or through online support. As a result, I switched over to a ps4 in early December 2014 and have been playing ps4 ever since. I've played a ton of different sports and put in plenty of time on the controller and no issues at all and the left analog stick works amazing. I'm so sick of people denying the Xbox one has a faulty controller design and blaming a million other reasons why a normal weekend video game person like myself was breaking these controllers within just a couple minutes. The ps4 was the best investment I ever made and if anyone else is experiencing this frustration with the left analog stick of the Xbox one controller you better stop, breathe in and breathe out a couple times and take your whole Xbox one back and get a refund preferably at target as GameStop doesn't take refunds and then buy yourself a ps4. Trust me from one gamer to another. End rant!!!

  3. I kinda have the same problem as your controller mine is both triggers keep on making squeaking noises

  4. My left analog stick seems to say "Fuck you" when I press it down to sprint in Halo 5…Before my left analog stick "Broke" it was working COMPLETELY fine a few minutes before this happened, I was sprinting whilst playing Halo 5 and I stop to kill someone, I go to sprint again and BOOM…Doesn't work so I was like okay okay…maybe it's my batteries which were nearly dead, I changed my batteries and nothing worked…I am now stuck with a defective shitty made controller that is said to last for a very LONG time Microsoft said…My blood boils as to why this happened, I never slam my controller, because I'm not a kid who acts like a splastic when I get killed…Only if Microsoft had an explanation for this madness then I wouldn't be so pissed.

  5. I got an xbox one and the b button doesn't work and the plug in for your headset slides in to easy and doesn't actually connect.

  6. my second problem is wend i plug my cable to charge it and i have my mic on my controler shuts off …..i have a refubish from microsoft works fine.

  7. my controler is 3 month it was new from best buy buy i have a d pad problem sometimes doest work ..

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