Def Jam: Icon PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

Def Jam: Icon PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)



Def Jam: Icon PlayStation 3 Review - Video Review (HD)


  1. love IGN Reviews but this one ends AT the end of the First Minute , the game is not what we wanted and in this Case no one Who love def jam will buy it , still Def Jam fight for NY is for me the Best ever

  2. I say they a new one since def jam ain't all that no more, make a hip vs rap and let Tupac and Biggie(male ) be the BIG BOSSES and let their difficulty be extremely hard, and for the career mode have a young artist go touring in each major city and he/she have altercation with former or current artist that was popping or still popping, tell me that's not hot ?

  3. I loved vendetta but I couldn't stand the fighting system in icon and what's with all the floating and flying around the screen from one, hit so dumb.

  4. Played the first two and they were great, why did they ruin this one so much, I was so disappointed with this game and the bass attacks where you stomp the floor and they go on the floor, this could of been such a good game, but they ruined it!
    NY was so good

  5. arruinaron el juego, queda re flashero cn todo eso prefiero q sigan las pelean callejeras sin hacer boludeces cn las manos q sigan esas peleas este def jam es horrible a mi gusto…

  6. This is just a disappointment
    an insult to Fight for NY
    they have to remaster Fight for NY

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