Dead Space Extraction Video Review

Dead Space Extraction Video Review


Dead Space Extraction Video Review


  1. Not scary… Really? I was scared a lot during this as it did have some great jumpscares and the atmosphere is amazing

  2. Why? WHY? WHY? Why are people hating on this game? I personally love that we get to see more of the ishimura from different character perspectives! I just don't get why people hate this game.

  3. yeah its better to go in the church and eat some green like a cow… U fuckin bastard i live my life !

  4. no shit, sherlock. this game is originally a Wii game, it's not made with the ps3 hardware from ground up, they just took the Wii version and remaster it in HD and it said they slightly boost the polygon count in the ps3 port, if you played it on ps3 with a move controller it does really have some fun to it especially when you upgrade the weapons to the max.

  5. All this time. I didnt know I had extraction in my Dead Space special edition. Barely uploading it in to my PS3 system, and so happy I got to games for the price of $20 in a bundle pack. …life is so deadspace

  6. Reviewer, why are you commenting on the structure of a light-gun game? I know it's a light-gun game. I like light-gun games.

  7. "not scary" "slow moments"? in my opinion this was, next to Dead Space 1, the best Dead Space and yes it was scary, for me even more scarier that dead space 1, because it is a railshooter all the scary moments and jumpscares are right in your face! In Dead Space 1 sometimes something happend behind me and i didn't even realized it…

  8. Get it for the wii. It's phenomenal and I think bumps it up to an 8 or even 8.5 for the wii version.

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