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Dead Island Definitive Collection Review


Dead Island Definitive Collection Review


  1. This review doesn't tell anyone ANYTHING about the actual product. So this one individual doesn't want to spend the time to play the game a second time, how is that a "review" of the game?

  2. Nice little review, i enjoyed the games on PS3, ill get it sometime. But you need to sort your vocal audio, i couldn't hear what you was saying much around the beginning. Keep up the good work.

  3. You sir will get a "like" and a subscribe, good review. Like yourself i played the original to death and was unsure what this re-master had to offer

  4. This reviewer sucks. LMAO when he said that the retro revenge was the best part. Obviously, this reviewer never liked dead island so why the FUCK is he reviewing it. Im sick of reviewers who never liked the original reviewing a remaster. It makes no sense. Obviously, he is gonna hate on it.

  5. but isn't Dying Light repetitive as just cause series, assassin series, doom series so on and so on. all games are basically repetitive.

  6. I beat this game on my ps3 5 times I loved it in my opinion it is the best zombie game out there and I am pumped! !

  7. Played it for PS3 when it was $15, was fun at first but as you sad got repetitive and I stopped playing once I hit the 2nd area (jungle?). I don't know, if it goes down to $20 I might pick it up again.

  8. such bs that this only has one game on disc and the others are downloadable. had a discussion with a friend of mine last night about it and deep silver obviously was just getting it out there to make a quick buck. they didnt take the time to work around ps4's hardware and thus people who have slow internet or no internet at all will suffer because of it.

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