Classic Game Room – IMPORT TUNER CHALLENGE review

Classic Game Room – IMPORT TUNER CHALLENGE review


Classic Game Room - IMPORT TUNER CHALLENGE review


  1. Cheap an easy to collect? Cheap maybe (i paid $17aud second hand) but it is not easy to find. One of the Rarest games on the xbox 360.

  2. I've been playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 on PCSX2 and I love it. It looks decent at 8x native resolution too.

  3. Man I would have bought this game when it came out if I knew it was Tokyo xtreme racer with a different name!

  4. Import Tuner Challenge – The Reasoning of the title name is based on the fact that you customize the cars with a variety of parts (Performance & visual), straight / inspired from the "IMPORT TUNING CULTURE".

    See: The Fast & The Furious series (Until Tokyo Drift), NFS: Underground 1 & 2, Juiced Series, Street Racing Syndicate.

    See Magazines: Import Tuner (not endorsed BTW), Import Racer, Super Street, NOPI, Speed Hunters, Performance Tuner.

    Japanese cars are always the top favorites. 😉

    I'm kinda sad that this game got no PC release. :(

  5. Great game, its known as Tokyo Xtreme Racer X in Japan for Xbox 360. 240mph R32 skyline for me.

  6. Man… If I had tons of money I'd make a tokyo extreme racing game. Hundreds of miles of highway. More than 40 tuners and muscle cars. over 20 exotic cars. tons of customization. Easy to understand. tons of bosses. adding the old gangs and making new ones while bringing back old bosses for vengeance while adding more bosses. keep the game simple just like others in the series. dont over do it too much. I just wish more people could push for a game like this to be created for todays modern consoles. even though keeping the same old driving physics

  7. i beat all the non wanderer rivals with a 180sx with the last gear tuned to go like 200mph.its tough.

  8. "probably the best in the TXR series" LOL what

    This is x360 , pushing ONLY 30FPS while all the last ones are blazing silk framerate

    This "TXR4" is pretty but framerate is much to be desired

  9. its funny how this full game is just a minigame in Need For Speed Underground 2. (I know EA copied from them, but you got much bigger game for the same price)

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