Classic Game Room – FAR CRY 3 review

Classic Game Room – FAR CRY 3 review


Classic Game Room - FAR CRY 3 review


  1. the sharks scared me. i have a genuine mortal fear of the ocean and sharks… killing enough sharks to upgrade my inventory was torterous

  2. This guy has expectations of 9 years old, to me the game wasnt about mindless shooting and explosions, it had good campaign and game was quite sophisticated. I cant believe he shows burning random animals as the TOP moment of his gameplay. If I wouldnt play it I would think game is for little kids.

  3. I was enjoying the game until I realized i had to find a pig to him kill and make a bigger bag to carry things… call me all fashioned but i don't think that's fun at all. It's unnecessary and boring

  4. So, I bought this game about 5 hours ago. I haven't stopped yet..well..aside from this tiny few minute break I'm taking to watch this video and comment. It's fun as hell.

    I'm not even talking about scripted missions either. Just all the non-scripted random things that feel scripted. Like, I was hunting those turkey looking birds to upgrade my wallet, when I ran into about 8 of them. They started attacking, I ran out of ammo, and suddenly 3 dogs showed up to attack. I ran the fuck out of there, climbed a ladder, and hid in a little lookout tower for a few minutes. Then hopped off the back and sprinted for a jeep. Got in and took off. It just felt so…good. If it was any other game, it would have been a scripted event. But nope, Not this game.

    Another thing was not long ago. I was climbing a tower when a jeep with 2 pirates drove by. It stopped in middle of the road and started attacking some dragons. So I shot one of them, causing them to drop a lit molotov on the ground, lighting themselves, their friend, the car, and a tree on fire. The 2 people took off running in opposite directions and finally fell to the ground dead about 10 feet away. Then the car exploded killing a dragon. Again, it felt like a scripted event, but it wasn't. It was just a random thing that happened because the pirates just happened to spawn near some dragons, and I just happened to shoot a guy when he was about to throw a molotov. If this was CoD, that would have been an entire scripted cutscene.

  5. this will be the cod 4 of the far cry franchise because of what it brings to the table

  6. i know im a little late but i just bought this game yesterday on the psn store for $20 im so excited 

  7. I've learned some things about Mark in this review, he loves using flamethrowers in video games and he loves hunting virtual animals.

  8. Not sure I agree with your review at all. I loved Far Cry 3. I thought it was possibly the game of 2012. But I was not just gripped by the gameplay and sheer fun factor, but also by the storyline and the characters. It kinda crept me out at times. Perhaps I am one of only few but it seemed to be to be a really compelling storyline. There was no end to the satisfaction that taking over the camps gave me, but after the main story ended the game felt a bit dead as they often do. Do people only live for arcade style single player shooters and multiplayer games now?

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