CGR Undertow – KILLER IS DEAD review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – KILLER IS DEAD review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - KILLER IS DEAD review for PlayStation 3


  1. Hmmm,…it was 6 months ago I watched this review. Finally ended up playing this a week ago and finishing it. I agree 100% with this review. Its dead on. I also played No More Heroes. It does has a rinse and repeat factor in it. I don't like that (trying to kill the unicorn black man sneak quick reference in there aimed towards,……anyways),…but the game is fun. Too bad that "fun" dies quickly if you've played the heck out of No More Heroes for hours on end. Its a bit of loose insanity with a simple one button hack n slash, counter, and FPS (over the shoulder) gun shooter. I've played al ot of these "martial arts" styled games, and I just feel the fighting systems need to be upgraded. If you tell the character to move in a certain direction and you know the placement in your mind (moving in that direction), the computer just decides where to through the character themselves. I hate that. I just don't feel these games are that responsive or as quick as I am able to respond. Maybe people just don't respond or move as fast as I do when concerning these games,…IDK. But I've played games like these for years…..Shinobi (Genesis to PS2), Devil May Cry (series), Eve of Extinction, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and 3: Razor's Edge, Heavenly Sword, God Hand, Double Dragon, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) series, Tekken, Soul Calibur…I mean. If it had this type of quality in it, I was on it. I have had as much experience as these guys who review it and maybe more, ever since Atari and have seen games revolutionize in every genre, system, and style. It just seems to me, they need to upgrade, but they can't find where else to go. Anywho, the game is fun right up until you finish it. Its short, but the fun kind of dies after that and the title is only temporarily remembered. Even so, it still has the deeper meanings in it (besides the silly stuff and insanity in it) that everyone overlooks:
    Mondo was once a kid and had a mother before he became a dark assassin that engaged with multiple women in sex. The scene was darkened out as if it were a memory.
    Walking down a narrow dark path that he first embarked upon in which he had no way out of it, to where he had to keep going.
    The second Enemy assassin that Mondo kills actually has time to reflect upon his life, have a last moment's conversation in luxury before he dies (wondering if it was all worth it.)
    (I hate the UNICORN reference in it. I took offense to that.)

  2. Killer is dead and no more hero's are awesome, they are entered around sex and blood like Shadows of the damned is all occult themed.

  3. Wait a sec, did that last scene at 5.28 seriously have troy baker doing the voice of both characters in that scene?
    And I just watched an episode of full metal alchemist brotherhood (Amazing anime by the way, EVERYONE should watch it!) which had troy baker doing the voice of the character greed.
    And I recently finished metal gear solid 5 which had the character ocelot being voiced by……you guessed it, troy baker.
    Is there seriously anything that this guy hasn't done any voice acting in?!?!?

  4. It bluntly plays on sexuality but how is that sexist let alone being "unremittingly misogynistic" (the hatred of all women)? For example if a sexy nurse is sexist tell that to the woman who freely choose to dress like that at party's/Halloween.

  5. I wasn't aware one of my favcourite youtube reviewers was bother by Muh-soggy-knees.
    What a shame.

  6. Thanks to reviewers that don't seem to care about anything other than multiplayer fps I bought a new sealed copy of this game for 9 bucks last week.obviously I'm nit talking about the people at cgr,I happen to respect and value their opinions. This is one of those games that's primed to be highly sort after and valuable in a few years.

  7. You know, I was almost bought in the clarity and detail of this review. That was untill he starts going on about it being "sexist" and "mysogynistic". That's when it began to sound like the ramblings of an sjw whom loves to bitch about how video gaming's "oppression" against women influences real life.

    And you know what, he'd have perhaps a shred of a point, if he had not of told us about how over the top and down right silly the game prior to "sexism" speech. Because in a game where you go to the moon, infiltrate the moon palace and have a boss battle there is going to be so influencial on people in society. People are oh so used to this kind of thing that by condoning it, their condoning misogyny. Christ, sometimes I hate the internet.

  8. Give women enough gifts and they'll eventually sleep with you. Just like in real life.

    Only poor people would find this offensive or unrealistic, this is exactly how it works in the pampered, vapid, upper class purgatory that I grew up in.

  9. its on steam now for $7 until jan 12,2015 during the anime sale , however its $19.99 when not in sale, but make sure u have a quad core or better pc in order to play the game , cuz alot of people are complaining dat dual core may most likely  crash on chapter 3, just saying cuz i dont want anyone dat wants the pc version to waste their money or r forced to modify or buy a new pc to play this game 

  10. Got the special edition for 19.99 yesterday beat it today loved it and I'm getting No More Heroes later. (ON A SUDA 51 BINGE)

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