can i buy ps3 in usa while i visit n get it...

can i buy ps3 in usa while i visit n get it back to india without paying any taxes?



  1. The taxes aren’t really the problem.

    Playstations have region codes built into them, which means that a PS3 bought inthe United States is designed to only work with games also sold in the United States. You would only be able to play games that were meant for sale in the US, which would probably be difficult to find in India, and expensive to acquire.

  2. The taxes aren’t much of a problem!!

    The problem is USA uses a format called NTSC while India uses PAL, so you have to buy games from America an take them to India. The other problem is Online Play will NOT be supported in India and I don’t think PlayStation store works properly there.

    The best thing to do is go to India, find a games shop that sells PS3s and buy it from there and then you can play games that are bought from India. You can buy games on E bay India. Check that the games are PAL format if you decide to buy the console from India.

    Hope this helped!! 😀

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