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Buzz Junior – Monster Rally – PS3 Classic Game


Played By Joseph D. JR.

Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble (known as Buzz! Junior: Monster Rally in North America) is the third game in the Buzz! Junior series of games. Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble was released on 2 November 2007 in Europe. Monster Rumble was co-developed by FreeStyleGames and Magenta Software and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. FreestyleGames developed nineteen of the twenty-five mini-games, while Magenta created the remaining six.

The game was later ported to PlayStation 3 by Cohort Studios and was released on 3 September 2009 as a download from the PlayStation Store. It includes trophy support and the ability to use a DualShock wireless controller instead of Buzzers.

Buzz Junior - Monster Rally - PS3 Classic Game


  1. I keep seeing versions of this game with more games than the 5. Is there a version of this that has the other levels or is it hidden or is it the UK version only that has them.

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