Bullet Heaven HD #084 – Shooting Love 10-Shuunen

Bullet Heaven HD #084 – Shooting Love 10-Shuunen [Xbox 360]


Bullet Heaven HD #084 - Shooting Love 10-Shuunen [Xbox 360]


  1. How does this game compare to Shooting Love 200x or even Ge Sen Love Plus Pengo? Also I was kinda confused with the new announcement of Shooting Love Trilogy and I was wondering if you know what games will be included?

  2. Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (pretty much the only shmup on the N64 that was released here)

    So yeah, thanks again for the reply. I wish more people would get into shumps outside Japan. They always remind me of old school and lots of kids these days only thing obout fps shooters. Heck, these games might be too hardcore for them, considering how easy lots of new games are these days. lol

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey that's cool. Glad to hear that you are going to try those titles. I don't want to keep name dropping, but there are so many good shmups out there for people to check out. Not sure if you'd do a full on episode for the old titles, but here's just a few more I wanted to mention:

    The Last Guardian (nes) Metal Slug Anthology (wii) In the Hunt (ps1) Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Not sure if you'd call is a shmup, but then again it's sort of like Pocky and Rocky) Herc's Adventures (same as above)

  4. Just subscribed. Haven't delved too deep into your videos yet, so excuse me for making a list here. It'd be awesome to see videos for the following:

    Terra Cresta
    Alien Soldier
    Fuzzical Fighter (rpg/shmup)
    Titan Warriors

    Yeah, a lot of those are on the nes and also some are import, or translated. Titan Warriors is actually a capcom shooter that was supposed to come here but was canceled. The nes dump sells a reproduction cartridge of the prototype.

  5. wow really eliminate down maybe lol? that game is just too much money for me. cant wait to see the new episodes!

  6. Looks great, I'd like to get this… too bad the other Triangle Service collection is region-locked though. Ah well.

  7. nice review im kinda sad the season is over i cant wait till October not only for my birthday but to see more episodes. great review i will for sure be picking this game up looks awesome.

  8. Well I look forward to season 5 and the new opening and new music that comes with it. The game does look like a very late ps1 title or an early ps2 title, but I applaud their ability to change things up a bit.

  9. 23/6=3.833333333 ; p
    Glad to see this one get a bit of attention. It was released on the same day as the newest DoDonPachi, I think, which was unfortunate. It could definitely use more color and better sound, but I've still had a lot of fun with both games. Thanks for another great episode.

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