battle Fantasia – Game Review

battle Fantasia – Game Review


battle Fantasia  - Game Review

Final Fantasy 7 - Special#08 - How to get Omnislash (First Disc)


  1. it seems so easy to clouds 4 limit break I haven't gotten it before especially on the first disc was it easy or somewhat hard

  2. I went to the battle arena the first time I was there and when I checked the prizes, OmniSlash wasn't there.

  3. talking about cheapest way get it XD I couldn't use beta attack repeatly how do you get enemy attacks? if I may ask.

  4. I personaly think the best time to get it is after the ancient temple, so you'll have your first ribbon…that helps a lot

  5. fuck you only really need the omnislash if you are going to beat ruby and emerald weapon and that giving in consideration that you have four sets of mime and counter and that your attack, speed and dexterity are max out of course defense as well, but the game can easily be beaten with normal materia combinations, its just so damn fun to play this game you can literally just walk around and not press a single button and you will defeat anything if you have the right materia combinations.

  6. thats alot of grinding to get that limit break, i remember when i did it i was playing basketball like for 3 days straight to get enough points to go and battle, the submarine game its better but its not available early in the game.

  7. fuckin hate this damn battle square. i always get the worst reel of shit. so even if i slow it down and pick what i want it still sucks

  8. I did this just before heading to northern cave when I was level 60 on disc 3. It then only cost 32000 BP for omnislash. Just equip ultima weapon hp plus haste hades with elemenntal restore counter attack deathblow with added cut and all slash and it's a piece of piss.

  9. On disc 1 I didn't all mine is from racing your own chocobo's disc 2 or 3 only and yes the level downs here only apply to these battles so its not a permanent level down effect.

  10. How do I earn bp points? U have 49k at the start of this video. I can't seem to find out how to earn points. I'm on disk 1 wit almost multiple mastered materia. I'd really like to get omnislash before I do temple of the ancients becuz they're no turning back.

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