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Aegis of Earth – Fnu Reviews


Aegis of Earth - Fnu Reviews


  1. I like tower defense…This seem like a unique tower defense Gonna had to try it out…it on sale on steam.

  2. It's not a bad game, but to say that "there's always another surprise to find"…really ? I thought it was VERY barebone TD, with little to surprise, when you get used to the wholre rotating thing. Granted, it's more original than crap like Defense Grid, but that's not exactly a hard bar to take.

  3. Y-You actually think this game was good? Oh thank god, I thought I was the only guy who loved the game but everyone else didn't! 🙁 I saw reviews and everyone was slamming on this game although I loved it so much on PC. I wish this game got more recognition and was loved by more! ><

  4. i love tower defense and i can get this game for nearly $25 thanks to amazon prime? oh yeah, its in the mail. great review

  5. Just got Aegis of Earth on the Vita and loving it. Perfect for short burst game sessions, but still find myself spending hours on leveling up and developing new weapons.I find the city structure reminiscent of Attack on Titan. Imagine releasing this game with AoT skin and characters, Aegis of Earth x Attack on Titan – instant hit! A big "cha-ching!" for Aksys or Spike Chunsoft (whoever is publishing this game). Just try this game you won't be disappointed. 🙂

  6. Just found out this game is on the vita so I am definitely going to check it out thanks for the recommendation fnu.

  7. 100 percent agree. this game caught me by surprise with how deep, adult and fun the narrative is. the voice acting is top notch for the genre and it's one of the rare instances in which i actually wanted to know more about my crew. it's great to know that smaller teams are putting out solid work and I'll scream from the highest mountains to make this game as noticeable as possible. great review.

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