2 people on Xbox Live on one console.?

2 people on Xbox Live on one console.?


How can 2 people go on COD4 online on the same console?

we both have got different Xbox Live Gamertags. mine is the Gold one and hes got a 3 month trial.

weve tried going into a lobby and inviting each other to a game but it doesnt work.
weve tried the guest account and it says that it doesnt support online gameplay.

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  1. 1) Yes you can play two different accounts at the same time. Not all games support this.

    2) Two people can play with ONE live account, the 2nd person is a guest account, Not all games support this.

    yes 2 ppl can sign in to 2 different accounts in most games. COD4 doesn’t let you but most games do. if both people dont have different accounts you can have player 2 sign in as a guest. Go down to the profiles menu and go to the bottom one it should say guest.

    Yes on most games you can play with two people with two different live accounts. One to my knowledge that you can’t is Call of Duty 4 but i know that you can with Halo 2, 3. and any other game that allows split screen play and you are able to choose a profile usually. again exception would be Call of Duty 4.

  2. Call of Duty 4 specifically does NOT support split-screen multiplayer when playing online. I don’t know Infinity Ward’s reasoning for this, but it’s probably an effort to keep the highly competitive atmosphere more “fair.”

    In offline private matches, you can play split-screen, but when playing online, you are limited to ONE player per console.

  3. you can both be signed in , each on a different controller but some games don’t support this. on halo 3 i know that you can do that, but on the call of duty series (4 and world at war) it won’t let you because that is how they made the game.

  4. If he is at ur house, first u sign off then ur friend can click on recover gamertag, and he will have to sign in from ur xbox. Then he logs out, u log back in and he logs back in.

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