• PS4 vs Gaming PC – Hardware Comparison •

• PS4 vs Gaming PC – Hardware Comparison •



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• PS4 vs Gaming PC - Hardware Comparison •


  1. Can't avoid it, pc have the better cpu I admit but they work completely diffrent, doe pc can't use all thier cpu for gaming only a third or 50% something like that and in some cases even one ram per program.
    And ps4? they can use the complete system within 100% to run all thier games. So I can't see why people wanna compare…

  2. Why you are comparing PS4 vs the best game PC if that exist. Console is for games, PC not. So if compare PS4 to PC by games, don't put the best PC to games,because 80% of people don't have them. PS4 can have eneryone so great PC its imagine, even youtubers have problem with this. I know some youtubers who turn on BF4 on great PC and what, PC was not greast as they thought. PC "is better" only just because PC have new inside year by year. PS hasn't. PS is better because fx PS3 has games creating to now, and PS2 too, so play newest game on "old pc" with the best graphics, you will have problem on PS its not problem. In games cares only game not graphics, that should be. Its like- look I have better chocolate because my packing looksis better than yours, but rly that worse chocolate can have the most important thing in chocolate cacao. Even in many aspects PS beats PC. Have a nice day.

  3. I love how powerful these computers are yet the only thing to do with them is have a very slightly better looking Battlefield 4 lol. Also, in a computer a lot of those specs disappear with multitasking and running windows. I'm not going to pay similar cash for something slightly more powerful that looks horrible in my front room and takes ten years to even start playing a game. PC's appear better about 3/4 the way through a console life cycle. I mean look at the last of us on ps3. There was no better story/ acting / world on PC. Maybe frame rate and resolution. But hey, if you want the resolution over games 😀 PC is for you 😀 I have a £600 PC btw, I play amnesia and Dear Esther. That's it lol.

  4. Ебаные пидорасы удалили мой комет оплаченная хуета!

  5. i have intel i5 3 rd gen pro gpu asus gtx 650 ti boost 2 gb 8 gb of ram 
    my one is high ore low ????
    plz reply 

  6. mine  high end or low end ?? 
    CPU i7 3770k
    SLI GTX560TI 448 320 bit
    SSD 512GB+SSHD 4TB
    team elite RAM16GB 1833Mhz…

  7. anyone that things paying $400 for a peace of hardware that will give you the sample power as a $800-1500 gaming pc is seriously deluding themselves

    i wish PC gamers could play against console gamers online just to teach them whose the master

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