Home Videos Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?

Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?


Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?


  1. Xbox one is trying to reach out to other components. That's why the Xbox is way better. There are only a few games on PS4 that have good graphics. Like if you are an Xbox playa!

  2. Xbox One: Ugh, I'm dying!
    PS4: Don't worry, I'll call an ambulance!

    Wii U! Wii U! Wii U! Wii U! Wii U!

  3. XBox one like the people in the comments

    'plz sub me and I'll sub you back'

  4. I think the PS4 controller is better because you can connect it to your tablet phone has a headphone set and just cuz eight hours of getting life that's a lot of time a cruise going to play a game for 8 hours straight like really so I really do think the PS4 controllers better like it's easier to set up and stuff is like reset buttons in the show me other features like to touch pad interface and all that other stuff that the Xbox One controller just not half

  5. Well thank you WatchFuckUs for increasing the number of PlayStation fanboys on bullying people who don't have PlayStation

  6. just bought an xbox one and so far I only have a small complaint and a really big ass complaint..
    small complaint: no rachet and clank

    big ass complaint: why the fuck do i have to download every damn game to the consol? stupid…

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