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Xbox One Sales Double Without Kinect – The Know


Xbox One Sales Double Without Kinect - The Know

Microsoft's Love For Kinect Is Hurting The Xbox One Sales


  1. The PS4s a cheap man's console hands down. it's sad that Kinect isn't being used by all Xbox owners. I use Kinect every day and it's very helpful with snap. Stop trying to kill off Kinect just because Sony's move didn't even make it to next gen. Kinect launched as the fastest electronic device sold in history. Even made it into the 2011 Guinness book. How many of you didn't know that?

  2. Connect is godly for SOME games that use it otherwise u just get trolled by people who yell "Xbox turn off"

  3. I'm so sick of people hating on the kinnect, it is really easy to use and is a awesome feature. "It spies on you." Well I guess I can say the same thing for PS eyes and webcams

  4. Me? I'm waiting for Masterchief's approval. You see we Spartan kids don't get a big allowance from Halsey for video games. : D

  5. Ashley please please pleaseeee get rid of meg turner I hate her bringing my news you used to bring it all the time it should really just be you and Barbara doing it

  6. Microsoft announces that their will be a price drop on the xbox one, so the week before the price drop – xbox one sales drop because naturally people are going to wait till the price drop. So according to vgchartz on june 7 that week xbox sales went down 23% from the previous week and 38,000 units were sold for that week. The next recorded week (june 14) which was after the price drop on the 9th – the xbox sales rise to 67,000 for that week… so this doubled our sales thing is a little bit of an over statement because NATURALLY when you announce a price drop, people aren't going to buy as many of the console… so sales go down before the price drop making the xbox sales look better… because if you back up a few more weeks… you see that the xbox one had weekly sales of 50's and 60's (thousands). And even with the price cut… Nintendo has now passed them up in weekly sales. With Nintendo prepared for the holidays with games coming out all up till xmas with super smash being the main attraction… and with xbox already releasing their exclusive game titan fall which barely even boosted sales for just one week…they had to have something to match super smash in the holiday season. That game will be master chief's collection which is a good move for xbox one but sadly this will not be that effective either. 

  7. How many of those 120 voice commands are when Kinect randomly picks up something said that bares no resemblance to a command and then you having to say cancel or stop listening!? Since MS updated it so I can auto sign in without Kinect I've turned it off and will get round to boxing it away at some point as I just don't care to fling my arms around or shout at the TV!

  8. Remember when Microsoft said the Kinect was mandatory for the XboxOne to function? Well they lied. And it seems no one even minds.

  9. I'm still waiting for the Microdick to remove the throttling(?) on the hardware before i even consider buying an xbox one. Unsure if that's the right word for it, but basically what the xbox does is it reserves system resources for the kinect regardless of whether or not it's plugged in. Whoever the genius was that made that little design feature deserves to be slapped once for every lost sale on the console.

  10. im totally waiting for a cheaper version with Kinect. Its funny, the game industry seriously rushed the advancement on xb1 and ps4 and now were left with very few games, unused hardware and software that wont be test or atleast well test until most consoles get a few years old. I think most people arn't upset that they have to buy the Kinect, it is more the lack of use of it. people use the Kinect literally without knowing they use it half the time and since xb1 is so hard pressed that people buy the Kinect they might push game developers to include games that use the Kinect. that being said now they have a system that doesn't use the Kinect they might push away its development further and seriously hurt their reputation further. its a crap shoot indeed.

  11. Why are we even interested in consoles anymore? All they are is outdated hardware, that is slowing technological progression. The only console worth purchasing is the Wii U.

  12. When I get my Xbox One, I really want to also buy the Kinect. But I might just buy the $399 Xbox, then buy a used Kinect later.

  13. The kinect is still necessary until the Xbox controller gets a "record that" button. Otherwise you're missing out on one of the greatest features of the xbone.

  14. I bought the Xbox 1 Day 3 and have not had a problem with my kinect or my console. its honestly great. Sure its 100 Dollars more but it is soo user friendly. Saying "Xbox Home" takes you back to the Homescreen without pressing the middle button. "Xbox Play Disc" will automatically play the disc in the console "Xbox Go to X" will take you to the X without much delay. Sure the voice recogntiion system for someone with a lyspe like my self is annoying at times but i can get by it without whining and complaining like a bunch of cry babes who are afraid of growing technology.

  15. Xbox is better that's why you talk so much shit about it. It makes you feel better. The xbox one has new technology the the gaming world has never seen.You're right it's not just a gaming consul, it's so much more and you know that…You just can't get over the fact that it has more then just good graphics to offer gamers. Microsoft listens to its fans and makes changes accordingly we know why ps4 fans cry so much. just set back and watch the father of computers take over Sonys once strong held gaming world keep your ps3.5 and keep crying it's entertaining to watch in my snap while I play forza and Titan fall!! I am a xbox fan boy and unlike you I'm proud, very proud to say that

  16. Wii outsold 360 and ps3 first two years its not a sprint its a marathon. Xbox is better bro . I cud name over 100 things that ps4 cant do that that xbox can. Hundredsss. I cant name 5 things ps4 has that xbox dnt. #dismissed

  17. Dude you're a fucking fanboy dumbass you're totally ps4 biased fanboy don't call xbox one fans fanboys we just like the console better for our reasons like for me it's competitive call of duty is more focused for xbox and even if that changed I would probably still but xbox because I have grown to live it. I honestly don't think the graphics are a big difference between the two consoles even though they are minorly different

  18. Well you were right. I bought the xbox one an it sucked ass. Was laggin just navigating the dashboard. Total fucking garbage. Sold it an got a ps4 soooo much better. Solid system.

  19. Preem25, your right with your comment, that DRM shit is still in the xbox1, they will wait until 10 or 20 million units have been sold and then one day enable it again, thats why you had to download the update when u turned the xbox1 on first time (it disable it), if they had included a CD in the box that disabled it you could use that CD again in the future, they stand to make way more profit when drm is enabled, do you really think a company like Microsoft will pass over that, once they have 10-20 million people locked in (I.E spent mony to buy xbox1 and a shit load of cash on games) they WILL enable it again, their true intention is to get blood out of plastic!!!!!!

  20. the main reason I don't want xbox one (among other reasons) is kinect is mandatory, I don't like all this motion sensing crap reason I didn't buy a Wii & reason I didn't buy move, as the guy says they should make it optional, if it was i would maybe consider an xbox.

  21. I'm not saying everything you read on the net is true but if you want to know what the ps4 or xb1 are capable of doing just read what the companies have done for these new consoles

  22. And educate themselves. Do a little research people c'mon its pathetic how ignorant some of you are. Instead of guessing and thinking your right check it first

  23. FYI for all the Microsoft fanboys Sony owns Gaikai, a cloud based tech company, and Shohida the prez stated of course the ps4 can use cloud servers in games; the thing is that Sony isn't going to force developers to use them. They have the choice to use them as an option to make the game better. If the game will not benefit from it then they are not required to do so. These facts can be found via Google. Some people just need to use this new thing called the internet to get their facts straight

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