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Xbox 360 Sound without head phones.?


My friend’s have been gettin’ annoyed at me for not having head sets and being unable to talk to them. so now that i might get head sets i was just wondering this.

I really like having sound come out of my t.v speakers and i don’t really want them to be played through little headsets so is their an option when plugging in the head sets that you can have the noise played through the t.v speakers, but you only use the head sets to talk to people.

is that possible?


  1. only the people you’re playing with’s voices will be heard on the mic. all the of the games sounds you normally hear will be played on the tv. it’d be good to get a good headset. the ones that come with the xbox are good but are sometimes static-y.

  2. With the official Xbox 360 headset, it is only used for communication, with no game sound. However if you buy a expensive Turtlebeach headset, they have game sound, merged with communication.

    So just get an official headset and you don’t have any problems 😀

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