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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death


Xbox 360 is a very famous video game console from Microsoft. The console has been developed with advance technology in order to suit for the recent trend in gaming. Many new features have been added to this new console. Xbox 360 is an updated version of the ordinary Xbox. The 360 version was introduced in the year 2005 against its toughest competitor which is nothing but the Sony. Sony has developed a video game console under the name called the Playstation. The Xbox 360 was designed to support many games with high end graphics and its hardware can be easily interfaced with any other device. When introduced in the market it was one of the cheapest console with the almost all the features available.


The sales of the Xbox 360 console are dropping in a wide margin when compared to that of the Sony’s Playstation. The reason for its drop is found to be the problems in its hardware. We are all aware that the hardware for the console is designed and developed by Microsoft. Few say that Microsoft lack of knowledge in hardware designing when compared with other manufactures led to this problem. Though they are the leaders in the software’s they are not very good in hardware design. The hardware problem aroused because of the faulty hardware design of the console.


The major problem in Xbox 360 is the overheating. The heat sinks fail to collect all the heat developed near the processor. There are two processors namely central processing unit and the graphical processing unit. The problem has now aroused with the GPU’s heat sink. As the heat sink do not provide enough air to the processor. These failures have resulted in the red light errors. The console is designed to inform the user about the problems it undergoes during its operation. It has found that the error E 74 has been affecting all the consoles and resulting in the failure of the GPU. The error has created a problem call the ‘Three red light error’ where you can see three red lights in the power button when the error E 74 is displayed on the screen. The error is known among gamers as the ‘Red Ring of Death’. The error has to be solved as soon as possible or else it might damage the consoles motherboard. Experts suggests, by removing the X clamps beneath the motherboard will give the solution to this problem as they are the cause for not providing air circulation within the processor as they hold the heat sinks very tightly to the motherboard.


The X clamps can be fixed in two different ways. One way is that you can give the console to the Microsoft service station where repairing is done at free of cost if there is a valid warranty for the console. But, they will charge you over $100 excluding the shipping charges for the repairing work if you are out of the warranty period. Moreover you need to wait for up to 3 months to get your console back.

Because of the problems faced in sending the Xbox 360 to Microsoft’s service centers and also due to the huge cost involved in the repair work, Xbox gamers recommended a different way to repair your Xbox. They felt that the best way to repair the console is by our own. For this you need to watch some videos which will teach you how to repair your Xbox and these videos will explain in detail, each and every step involved in repairing the Xbox 360 right from scratch. The advantage is that by this method your console can be repaired within one or two hours and you can start playing the very next hour.

Xbox 360 Repair Videos

Repair your Xbox 360 by watching the videos online and fix your Xbox 360 now. This is the most recommended way of fixing your Xbox 360 by the Xbox gamers around the world. You can fix your Xbox in just one hour from now and start playing the games again. Save over $100 and also the valuable play time. Just by using your household tools you can fix your Xbox and it’s pretty simple. Just give me ten minutes and I will show you how to fix your Xbox now. Watch the videos to [url not allowed] – Click Here.

Easy Steps to Fix Your Xbox
Checkout how easy it is to fix your Xbox 360 with these simple steps which can be done by anyone. This will definitely help you to get rid of Red Light Errors for sure. Check out Here: [url not allowed] – Click Here.

Submitted On February 18, 2009Console SystemsThis article will teach you how to fix your Xbox 360. It’s very simple to fix your Xbox 360 without sending it to Microsoft. You can fix your Xbox on your own in just few minutes. Read this article fully to know how to fix your Xbox 360.xbox repair, xbox red light error, xbox 360 3 red light fix, Red Rings of death, fix xbox now

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