XBOX 360 question?

XBOX 360 question?


I’ve got a very, very slow connection speed and the adverts for the Dashboard (the ones showing the latest Marketplace content) have never come up, instead there’s just the XBOX Live logo in their place.

Is this down to a slow connection speed?

Do Family Settings have anything to do with it (if so, which one do I need to turn off)?

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  1. If you want to reset your family settings and try to alleviate your problem; do this:- Go to the settings blade and press LT, RT, X, Y, LB, RB. Then press y and reset.

    However if you are using wireless broadband, you could be experiencing lag due to a variety of issues.

    The most common one is the position of your broadband hub: try moving it into a more central position in your house. Alternatively your hub may be playing up, try plugging it in via the ethernet connection and see what happens.

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