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Xbox 360 or PS3, Which is better?


My sister wants either. Please rate each on:




And overall state which you want pick

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  1. I have tried both consoles and i likes Xbox much better

    PS3 basically for casual gamers, it has a controller that was design for Kids and small hands people.

    it has free to play online with ok server, you can brows the web with your controller if this is something you like, you can’t play music while in game play.

    it has blu-ray which we don’t need it, if we use Netflix

    Xbox are for casual and hardcore gamers

    it has fantastic controller that fit for everyone

    You pay to play online for a much better online experience,

    you can play music while in game playing

    Great at shooting games

    you can’t brows the web on it, but you have Netflix and some facebook and so

    it has a DVD player

  2. ok well xbox 9 and ps3 like 3

    here is my reasoning. on xbox you have all the same big titles such as CoD plus your own unique titles like halo that are only on xbox, the online play for 360 though it costs money is well worth all the features you get,

    downsides to ps3 they have been hacked 2 times and over 2 million email accounts were leaked and 36000 credit cards, so your best bet is the xbox in my opinion especially with the new slim models

  3. Xbox 360

    + Pros

    Bulletproof controllers

    Secure online play

    Great online community

    Great First Person shooter competitive online

    Variety of POPULAR games

    HD TV capablility

    Netflix, Zune, Last FM, Hulu streaming

    – Cons

    Overpriced material

    Some cheaply made products, like microphones and discs

    Consoles must be kept in good shape, or DEATH



    Free online

    Cool exclusive games like Uncharted and Killzone

    Excellent for media, such as movies and internet (Bluray!)

    Wi Fi ability


    Cheap, manipulative/insecure online

    Crappy controllers

    Terrible microphone setup

    Overpriced material.

    Overall, you’re looking at expensive unless you go for Used material, which I might add is more reliable on the Xbox 360 side. The Xbox 360 has a better more populated and interactive online community, and some pretty good competitive titles. The PS3 has great media advantages such as it’s built in Blu Ray and Wi Fi capabilities, along with a couple exclusive gaming titles.

    Ask your sister, Gaming (Xbox 360)? Or subtle offline gaming and movie watching (PS3)?

  4. Xbox 360 PS3

    Price:199.99 for Price:299.99 for 160 gb

    4gb No way Yes

    Online: Better but Online: Good and free

    Have to pay Games: Less PS3 only

    Games:More xbox they are WAY better

    Only then xbox


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