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xbox 360 memory question 10PTS?


ok so heres the deal, i currently have an xbox 360 arcade. Since i recently graduated i asked my dad for an xbox 360 elite. But in exchange i would give my dad my xbox 360 arcade. since im giving him the arcade , i don’t want to lose all of my game saves and etc. is there any way that i can exchange all my memory from my 360 arcade to the elite?

THX all don’t forget 10 PT’S

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  1. Yes you can and its really easy. You can get the Transfer Kit which is either $20 or free to get on the official Xbox.com website. [so I read]

    By gettting this cable you transfer all the saved items you have on your old HDD such as games, gamerscore, gamertag, downloaded content everything!

    I answered correctly, can I get?


  2. you put the hard drive on the arcade and go to settings and select memery and you can move the save items to the harddrive then remove harddriva and put back on the elite

  3. Yeah if you got the elite you should have gotten a transfer cable with it. i don’t know how it works. i ask the guy at game stop a smilier question and he said that i would need a transfer cable

    or if you can’t find a way to you could all ways give him the hard drive that came with the elite and keep the one you have

  4. Take your arcade memory card and put it in the elite , then copy each save file onto hard drive then click format memory unit to terminate the versions of your games on arcade. wait a second thats stupid you could just click move game to hard drive in the menu to save youthe trouble. Hope that helped

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