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xbox 360 cd drive replacement?


ive just replaced my xbox 360 cd drive with a new toshiba one the same make as the old one.

now the problem im having is when i load up a game it comes up with please insert the game into a xbox 360.

now some people have said to use a flash drive witch hacks the cd drive and i really don’t wanna do that.

any other way of doing this or do i have to flash it and how would i go about doing that.

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  1. if you have a samsung dvd drive you’re pretty lucky these are really easy to replace.

    take your old dvd drive appart and disconnect all the ribbon cables from the controller board.

    take out the controller board.

    do the same to your new replacement dvd drive. swap out the controller boards (old dvd drive controller board in the new dvd drive)

    you won’t have to flash your dvd drive if you do it this way.

    this needs to be done because every xbox 360 motherboard has a specific key that links it to the dvd drive, that’s why you can’t just swap out the dvd drive.

    flashing refers to extracting your original key and flashing or programming it to the new dvd drive so the motherboard recognizes is as the original dvd drive.

    hope that helps.

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